My Training to Become a Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Posted May 31st, 2011 by Diana V. Perez

I was taught Chinese Medicine in a very intimate setting. There were three other students in the class and thus we got to know one another for better or for worse. The certified acupuncturist teaching the class had trained many in Chinese Medicine before us. On the first day he taught us Qi Gong and a Taoist meditation called the Earth Meditation.  All meditations taught to us in class, he learned from Master Wu in China. Earth Meditation is a healing modality. It helps to ground ones energy and promotes focus. It heals the mind, body and spirit. Qi gong is the aligning of breath with movement. 1 While we learned several different Taoist meditations, Qi Gong and Earth Meditation came before the start of every class session.  This was the most consistent act practiced in class.

The class lasted about a year.  We learned about yin and yang, Chinese nutrition, some Chinese Medicine Herbs, moxa, cupping, Shiatsu, Amma, acupuncture points, palpation, meridians, bones and muscles from a western perspective and so much more. As an acupuncturist he taught us from his clinician experience and business experience. In the final days of class he unknowingly passed down to me a powerful lesson.  This class was intimate. I realized the Universe was teaching me many unlearned lessons and I was working through them so long as I was continuing to be present in my life during those circumstances. In a nut shell, my experience has taught me volatile times within professional and personal relationships are often crucial life lessons. The events that bring about these lessons will repeat until awareness and change in attitude and behavior set in.

As I mentioned, he was persistent about students practicing Taoist meditations.  As a result, I learned it is unwise to enter people’s sacred space or Qi without practicing a form of meditation. It is important to protect the soul/shen and Qi while practicing the healing arts of Chinese Medicine.   My final project for class was a presentation on my personal experience with Earth Meditations, Shen Meditation and Qi Gong.  Shen Meditation is used by martial artist in China for the benefit of the internal organs, enhanced intuition and the releasing of Qi.  My presentation included self-healing through the practice of acupuncture points, meridian stretches, radial pulse diagnosis, sound healing and ritualism.

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