The Benefits of Taoist Meditations and Qi Gong

Posted May 31st, 2011 by Diana V. Perez


Students asked the professor questions like what do the meditations do for you? Why do we do them? The answer was always, “you tell me.” My competitive nature and curiosity led me to want to answer the professor’s question. By the end of the year, I drew my own conclusions about what the meditations did for me.

My experience practicing Qi Gong was that it stirred up stale emotions hiding in the depths of my body. Each painful memory and repressed emotions from my past lodged itself within areas of my body causing tightness, aches, pains, tumors and emotional outbursts.   Living alone throughout law school it was easy to be deceived and think that anger management or Dialectical Behavioral Training Program had cured me. I lived alone and had no one, but Mish Mish, my cat, to reflect my behavior to me.  I learned powerful lessons about myself from the mirrors reflected at me via the three other students taking the class and the professor. Through this increased awareness, I saw their stuff so clearly. I now realize that I saw this behavior perfectly because it was provoking me to learn about the effects neediness, avoidance, perfectionism and longing were causing within my life.   Qi gong brought these emotions to the surface as I opened the gates. In Chinese Medicine the gates refers to the shoulders and knees. This is not some new age dogmatic rule. As we say in the Hood, this is real talk kid. Some lessons were far easier to bear than others.  Throughout the year there were times that I did not want to go to class. I was guzzling the haterade and I most certainly hated every person in class at one point or another and I always hated myself.

I lived with my partner and so I could not get away from the mirrors reflecting back at me. I was so full of hate mostly for myself and people from the past.  When I wrote in my journal I described myself as a person sitting in quiet rage. I remember walking down the street in Montpelier so angry wanting someone to mess with me and of course no one did!  The things I saw in my partner disgusted me. I knew it was exactly what I needed to change within myself.   Although Qi Gong brought these emotions from the depth of my shadow self, I had no idea of what to do about the rage.  Waves of rage rising to the surface every day! My body hurt and I hurt.  I was extremely displeased upon looking inside of myself.

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  1. Gracias Senor Thomas C. Mulholland. I see I have much espanol to catch you up on. Your website is outstanding. When I read your writings I felt a connection. I also like your realness! I say tea is an order for this Sunday June 5th! Let me know where!

  2. Diana, You are wonderful. Your honesty, your openess, your realness are not a common thing in this zip code; perhaps in any zip code. I see what you meant when you said we had some things in common. I would go further to say we are kindred spirits. Thomas

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