Asian Bodywork & Chinese Medicine

What techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine does Hands of Venus offer?

    • Amma:  Massage combining stretching and activating acupressure points to address specific health conditions and nurture balance within the body.
    • Shiatsu:  Massage including meridian stretching, parallel pressure, acupressure points, and techniques such as Tuina that may be necessary for breaking up stagnation or addressing pain.
I came out of the hospital with a prescription for pain killers and a diagnosis of arthritis at my L-5 vertebra. There were times before I went to the hospital that the pain was so intense I was unable to move.After my first treatment with Airaa I immediately noticed a decrease in pain. I received four more treatments and am pain free to this day!

Montpelier, VT

  • Tuina:  Hand motion techniques such as percussion that may be used to break up stagnation or address pain.
  • Moxibustion:  A dried warming herb called Mugwort wrapped in a cigar like fashion and held close to the surface of specific acupressure points.  It serves to influence the qi in the area while providing penetrating heat to the point.
  • Meridian Stretches:  There are twelve primary channels that coordinate with each organ of the body.  These stretches assist in balancing the qi (energy) within these specific areas. Both physical and emotional well-being can be positively affected.
  • Self Healing:  Hands of Venus often subscribes a form of “self-Shiatsu”, custom designed for an individual’s needs and conditions.  This self-treatment consists of acupressure points, meridian stretching, Qi Gong, and parallel pressure.

How does Hands of Venus develop a treatment for your individual needs?

    • Radial Pulse:  The three levels of the pulse give an immediate idea of the amounts of qi (energy), blood, and yin (fluids) present in each part of the body. These levels offer insight into any illnesses or imbalanced conditions that may be present.
Thank you most importantly for the beautiful gift of courage that you channeled to me through our private session. It continues to amaze me.Miriam
Montpelier, VT

  • Abdominal Diagnosis:  Particular zones of the abdominal surface correlate with the specific 12 primary channels, and thusly can provide important information on what is happening in the body.  Reading the pulse in the abdomen is not invasive, and involves breathing techniques and pushing on parts of the stomach at a slow and comfortable rate.
  • Observation:  Skills such as listening, seeing, smelling, and palpation are used to help develop a treatment for each client.
  • Questioning:  A critical element in developing effective treatments is listening closely to each client.  Every individual is different.  A balanced and effective treatment reflects this by putting particular emphasis on each client’s concerns regarding their emotional, spiritual and physical health.

How long does it take to discover the root cause of an illness or imbalance and then resolve it?

This is an important question and varies greatly from person to person.

The body is very intelligent and responds to acupuncture points very well, but the length of treatment depends not only on the practitioner but on the client as well. Imbalanced emotions, extreme weather, and the environments within our homes and work spaces are some of the main causes of disharmony within the body.

Hands of Venus will make appropriate referrals when necessary for each client and is willing to work with health practitioners if this is desired by the client.

I have come to trust Airaa completely. She approaches her healing practice with an attitude of deep respect, and conveys a sense of gratitude to be allowed to enter into your space and be part of your healing journey.Laura
Worcester, VT