Airaa D. V. Perez

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the St. Nicholas Projects in Harlem, NY.  My childhood years were marked by the difficulties of this environment and a challenging home life, and I spent most of my young adulthood working through the traumas I received.

I turned to the practice of Chinese Medicine to help me develop a consistent resilience to emotional imbalances and to resolve major physical ailments.  As a result I have reconnected with my spirit, body, and mind.

I was taught Chinese Medicine in a very intimate setting where I learned Taoist meditations that assist in awareness, self-healing, and evolution of the soul.  The practice of these meditations have taught me that I must consistently take care of the well being of my body, mind, and spirit.  The daily practice of meditation and Qi Gong assist me, and I practice all of the healing modalities that I offer to clients on myself when necessary to support a balanced state.

In my work as a legal advocate for a battered shelter, I observed that my personal experience and knowledge provide a tremendous service to the people I work with.  My Vermont Law School education and Traditional Chinese Medicine background assist me in presenting facts that are accurate and well documented, as does my training in diversity issues, domestic violence, suicide awareness, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

It is an honor to be of service to you.  Please ask me how I can be of assistance!