These interactive, multi-media workshops and presentations provide information that supports personal development and assists in developing self-respect, confidence, and resiliency.

Workshops and presentations…

  • are provided for a variety of populations, including juvenile delinquents, high school and college students, people in prison or on probation, the elderly, and the mentally ill.
  • are interactive and multi-media, incorporating art projects, magazines, and music.
  • promote inspiration, empowerment, and motivation to work on areas of personal development.
  • are based on an understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  They also compare and contrast the perspectives of Chinese medicine with those of Western psychoanalysts, such as Jung and Freud, in relation to the brain, soul, and physical health.
  • address the ways in which our culture supports or does not support emotions, addictions, trauma, and our well-being by looking at relevant current and historical events, entertainment, and legislation.

Airaa brings…

  • extensive knowledge and training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the foundation for the presentations and workshops and provides a unique perspective on the brain, disease, and the origins of anger, trauma, shock, fear, addiction, and depression within the body.
  • the ability to relate to circumstances of addiction, emotional imbalance, and trauma and to hear these stories with empathy and compassion. In the vernacular, she tells of her own personal struggles and of working through and transcending these obstacles.